Sujanan Program

Fetal Autopsy

Fetal Autopsy is a detailed examination done on the fetus to determine the cause of the abnormality. It aims at determining, clarifying or confirming medical diagnoses that remained unclear prior to the death of the fetus. It provides information about genetic and metabolic syndromes. An autopsy can also identify placental factors leading to fetal demise.

Fetal autopsy can be done either clinically (involves thorough dysmorphology and evaluation of the internal organs) or visually (examination of USG findings, photographs of the fetus in multiple angles and reports of other investigations performed).

The fetal autopsy would enable risk assessment and guidance for monitoring future pregnancies as well as genetic counseling and the appropriate genetic testing for the family members and prenatal diagnosis in subsequent pregnancies.

Lilac Insights, the genetic diagnostic laboratory provides a complete support to clinicians and patients from diagnosis to management.

Clinical Information

Fetal autopsy can be done on fetuses with

  • Multiple major abnormalities
  • Sudden unexplained fetus death
  • Non-immune hydrops
  • Recurrent neural tube defects

Fetal autopsy service is led by team of experts:

  1. Clinical & Metabolic Geneticist :
    • Dr. Chaitanya Datar, Clinical and Metabolic Geneticist (Program Director of Sujanan Clinics)
    • Dr. Tanmay Deshpande, Clinical and Metabolic Geneticist
  2. Genetic Counselors :
    • Ms. Shivanjali Kapse, BGCI certified Genetic Counselor
    • Ms. Pooja Rayasam, BGCI certified Genetic Counselor
    • Ms. Shreyasi Kundu, BGCI certified Genetic Counselor
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