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Chromosomal Microarray

ALTUM is our range of comprehensive Chromosomal Microarray solutions from Lilac Insights.

Chromosomal Microarray testing can detect chromosomal abnormalities such as aneuploidies (numerical change in the chromosomes), structural changes (deletion – missing piece and/or duplication – extra piece) in one or multiple chromosomes in a fetus, aborted fetus*, newborn or any affected individual. The deletion or duplication of chromosomes may lead to serious abnormalities like

  • Multiple pregnancy loss or miscarriages
  • Sudden infant death
  • Birth defects such as heart defects, cleft lip/palate, neural tube defects, etc.
  • Developmental delay, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability etc.

ALTUM from Lilac Insights offers a range of advantages to Doctors and Patients because

  • We have a team of multidisciplinary scientific advisory members to offer holistic solutions
  • We provide easy to understand reports and continued support till we deliver satisfactory answers to our clinician’s and patient’s queries
  • Post-test genetic counselling can help the clinicians and the patients understand the challenges of the abnormality detected and the different ways to possibly deal with it
  • We provide conclusive reports by performing Maternal cell contamination (MCC) for all Prenatal samples (differentiation between maternal & fetal blood or tissue sample)
  • Our services are available PAN India and in multiple regional languages.

*Note: The sex of the fetus is not reported by this test according to the guidelines of the PCPNDT Act of India.

Chromosomal Microarray - Clinical Information

ALTUM Chromosomal Microarray is widely accepted as a reliable and a comprehensive solution to detect genetic imbalances in Prenatal and Postnatal applications.

Comprehensive array solutions from lilac insights include

ALTUM HD for Constitutional and Neuro-developmental applications

Chromosomal Microarray - FAQs

ALTUM is an exclusive chromosomal microarray test solution from Lilac Insights.

ALTUM can detect abnormalities caused by missing or extra copies of entire chromosomes or smaller chromosomal segments in an individual/ fetus/ or child. Such abnormalities may lead to conditions or disorders like recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL), miscarriages, birth defects, developmental delay, autism, intellectual disability, metabolic disorders or other genetic disorders.

It can also detect mosaicism in some cases (Mosaicism is a condition where in, an individual is having a mixture of normal and abnormal cells).

ALTUM can be offered to pregnant women who have-

  • Abnormal fetal ultrasonographic findings such as increased nuchal translucency, cleft lip/palate, echogenic bowel, absent/hypoplastic nasal bone, cardiac defects such as ASD, VSD, tetralogy of Fallot, ARSA, echogenic kidneys, non-immune hydrops, etc
  • High or intermediate risk reported for chromosomal aneuploidy in the screening tests
  • History of previous pregnancy with chromosomal abnormalities
  • History of multiple pregnancy losses or miscarriages
  • History of previous children with any known or suspected genetic abnormalities

ALTUM is also recommended for new-borns, children or individuals with dysmorphic facial features, cardiac defects such as VSD, tetralogy of Fallot, neurological abnormalities, learning difficulty, behavioural issues, etc.

Connect with your Doctor or our Genetic Counselor for details information.

ALTUM is a test, which looks at chromosomes in fine detail. Details as small as microdeletions and microduplications can be identified by this test. This provides the team of doctors providing prenatal care, confidence to manage the outcome of the pregnancy. In case of a suspicion of a chromosomal abnormality in the fetus, it provides confirmation of the abnormality, if any. If no relevant abnormality is detected, it provides relief to the team of doctors and the patients and helps them focus on a healthy outcome of the pregnancy.

The following samples can be collected as advised by your Doctor*.

  • Product of Conception tissue in case of miscarriages/ abortus samples
  • Amniotic fluid/Chorionic Villus (CVS)/Cord blood/Cardiac blood for Prenatal (of the fetus during pregnancy) testing
  • Peripheral Blood sample for genetic investigations offered to new-borns, children or adults

*Doctor will suggest the sample type (depending on the case) and it will be collected under his/her/expert observation

One can expect an ALTUM report within 10-18 working days (once the sample reaches the lab). Your doctor will receive a digital report of the same (if email has been shared).

Lilac Insights adheres to latest national & international protocols and guidelines for Prenatal & Postnatal genetic diagnosis and reporting. We bring world-class support right from interpretation of reports to advice on prognosis and management with a multidisciplinary team of experts.

Above all, Lilac Insights provides only conclusive reports by ruling out maternal cell contamination (MCC) for all prenatal samples so that you can confidently take a decision on the management of your pregnancy.

You can simply talk to your consulting Doctor.

As Lilac Insights is a market leader, there is a high chance that your doctor is already availing any/many of our services. If your doctor is not familiar with Lilac Insights, you may provide us with your doctor’s details & we will get in touch with them to facilitate your ALTUM microarray testing.

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