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Sex During Pregnancy And Risk Of Miscarriage

Sex is a natural act of love and you can have heightened sexual urges or simply have a no-can-do attitude towards it during pregnancy. Besides this, there is also the thought of the safety of the growing baby which comes to both your and your partner’s minds. You can discuss with your healthcare provider any specific conditions which can contra-indicate sex during pregnancy but it is safe to have sex during pregnancy provided you consider various factors which we will go over further.


Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

There are a lot of opinions and lesser confirmatory studies regarding the safety of sex during pregnancy. The different points to consider with regards to sex during pregnancy are as follows:
-It is advised to continue with sexual intercourse if your healthcare expert is of the opinion that the pregnancy is healthy.
-The positions used to perform sex must be safe and comfortable throughout the course of pregnancy.
-Having sex and getting orgasms will not increase your risk of going into labor early or cause a miscarriage if your pregnancy is normal and you have no complications.
-Towards the end of pregnancy, an orgasm or sex may give rise to mild contractions. You may feel the muscles in your womb become hard. These incidences are said to be Braxton Hicks contractions. There is no reason to worry since these are normal but very uncomfortable. You can indulge in certain relaxation techniques or just rest until the contractions go away.
In case you have heavy bleeding, painful cramps, or leaking amniotic fluid then you must consult your health expert or go to the emergency room.


Will having sex during pregnancy injure my baby?

-Since your growing baby is secured by the amniotic fluid in your uterus as well as the muscles of the uterus are strong enough, it is unlikely that your baby may be in harm’s way. Furthermore, a penis cannot penetrate past your vagina and the baby is not affected by it in any way. knowing that sex may not hurt directly to the baby may put your mind at ease as well.
-Sexual activity will not affect your baby provided you do not have any adverse issues like preterm labor or placental problems.


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Why you should avoid having sex during pregnancy?

The act of having sex during pregnancy may not be a safe proposition if you have certain pregnancy complications.


The following are some of the points to remember with regards to why sex is a strict no-no

-If you suffer from the following adverse problems, it is better to avoid sex or ask for advice from your healthcare professional before having sex:
-When there is a history of or threat of miscarriage.
-In case of history of delivering a baby prior to completing 37 weeks of pregnancy also known as pre-term labor or showing signs of premature uterine contractions.
-If there is unexplained vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramping.
-When there is leakage of amniotic fluid (your water breaking) which protects the baby.
-Presence of an unfavorable position of the placenta like it may be too close to the cervix or covers it.
-In case you have a weakened cervix causing it to dilate before the full term of pregnancy thus giving rise to increased risk of miscarriage or preterm delivery.
-In case of multiple pregnancies like twins, triplets, etc.
-The occurrence of uterine contractions is common in pregnant females is common and causes worry when indulging in breast stimulation, sexual orgasms, and some hormones present in semen known as prostaglandins.
-Your child and you may suffer from a life-threatening problem like a blockage of a blood vessel due to an air bubble in case you and your partner decide to indulge in oral sex involving blowing air into your vagina. So, it is advisable to avoid blowing air into the vagina if you plan to have oral sex.
-Avoiding sex with a partner whose sexual history is uncertain to you or who may be suffering from any sort of sexually transmitted disease (STD), like genital herpes, genital warts, Chlamydia, or Human immune-deficiency virus (HIV). In case you are in doubt always be sure to use a condom before sexual activity. Since if you get exposed to such infections, these diseases may be transmitted to your baby and they are extremely harmful to the baby. You can talk to your healthcare expert about it and they will help you understand it in detail.


What is the relation between sex during pregnancy and the risk of miscarriage?

A 2007 review of ‘non-surgical interventions’ for the prevention of miscarriage stated that as yet there is no study that confirms the effect of sexual intercourse on first trimester miscarriages specifically. So many healthcare providers advise that women with bleeding in pregnancy should avoid sexual activity and the ones who do not experience pain or bleeding in pregnancy can continue to have sexual relations.


Some of the important points to remember are as follows

-In women who are evaluated thoroughly by your healthcare expert and are found to have a low-risk pregnancy that may be heading towards a normal outcome, sex can be enjoyed in those pregnancies.
-Often the contractions felt post-sex and just after the orgasm are completely dissimilar from the contractions which may occur during labor.
-Also, Healthcare professionals advise all pregnant women just to be on the safe side that they should avoid having sex towards the final weeks of pregnancy.
-The act of having sex during pregnancy is unlikely to cause a miscarriage since most miscarriages occur because the baby is not developing properly.


When should you contact your healthcare professional?

It is always better to be safe than worry so contact your healthcare provider in case of the following:
-When you are not sure if sex is safe for you then you can contact your healthcare expert.
-You may contact your health professional if you find any unusual symptoms after a sexual encounter, like pain, bleeding, or discharge, or in case you feel contractions coming on post-sex.


Pregnancy, Sex during pregnancy, Miscarriage, Safe sex during pregnancy, Pregnant woman



Pregnancy, Sex during pregnancy, Miscarriage, Safe sex during pregnancy, Pregnant woman

Your healthcare expert is always available to guide you in case of queries and worries with regards to sexual activity that can be performed during pregnancy and its safety for you and your baby. So being aware and vigilant if indulging in intercourse or finding other intimate ways like cuddling, kissing or massage is up to you and your partner to decide.

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