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ALTUM Control Delete

Would you believe me if I tell you that at least 2 billion people right now are using Microsoft windows? now of course windows are not perfect, it has its own problems like unnecessary hanging off the computer or any kind of application which is giving you a hard time by not closing itself even after you mash the cross button but no avail?


What do you think we do in situations like these? Do we pray to God? Do we call our mother to handle the situation? NO AMIGO!! We simply press ALT-CTRL-DEL and just like that the silly little temporary problem in your life has just disappeared because of the very great “TASK MANAGER”. I guess you have already understood that this blog is going to be a heavily personified analogical blog where I would simply try to give you an insight into how easily my favorite service can help in playing a major role in vanishing a patient’s problem by providing you the necessary insights and genetic interpretations where the patient doesn’t even have to pray to god instead just has to walk in Lilac Insights and simply wait for the solution.


Now human beings have been existing on this planet specifically for two reasons: Survival and Reproduction. If we consider survival, people always make a picture in their head of a random human being slogging away in this everyday life and trying to be the fittest of them all, but when I talk about reproduction, all people know about is how exactly to make a baby.


But is it really a walk in the park when a couple goes for coitus and you get a child? Things are a bit more complicated than that. In this modern era, we as human beings are way ahead in terms of carrying out the right and considerate tests which are available for every kind of patient that too globally, one of them is our microarray method of prenatal diagnosis called ALTUM.


The reason why this test is one of the revolutionary test right now available for every person is due to the amazingly vast spectrum of chromosomal aneuploidies it is able to cover. If we talk about numbers, one in eight couples, unfortunately, have to bear the pain of suffering from recurrent pregnancy losses and at least ten to fifteen percent of the couples have been reported to suffer from miscarriages.


Maybe in the future, I could be one of these hapless individuals but do I feel helpless after knowing this devastating fact? Not really, because the Lilac Insights Chromosomal microarray test which we proudly call ALTUM, will be available when it will be my turn to be a parent.


Why should anybody who is planning to have a baby should use ALTUM? First of all the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends a Microarray test, especially for chromosomal abnormalities or any kind of mutation in the gene which could result in the child suffering from mental retardation or an autism spectrum disorder.


ALTUM can be performed at various clinical indications of the patients such as abnormal findings in the ultrasound scan if the patient has received a high risk in any of the screening tests, also the clinical history of the patient is also one the important factors for opting ALTUM as their diagnostic test like the history of multiple miscarriages. Also, the microarray probes used are able to distinctly cover 396 regions that are specific for RPL investigations thus ensuring the highest probability of getting clinically relevant diagnostic solutions. 


ALTUM at the right time can give you a head start with respect to the planning of the next child with completely no developmental delay problems or any kind of dysmorphism. But how can one microarray test should be so meticulously versatile giving solutions to these genetic disorders? The answer is basically in the beautifully crafted Microarray chips. The chips are very small in size, and have grid patterns on them. These grid patterns consist of the artificial DNA sequences wherein the patient DNA sample is applied on these chips and made to form a pair among each other, due to their complementary base pairing ability which could help in eyeing out exactly which base pairs are missing or has been gained that too with a resolution of less than 5MB consisting of unbalanced translocations and sub-microscopic abnormalities.


This basic and phenomenal concept of Microarray gives the solution for any genetic condition present in a human body except any kind of balanced translocations and inversions, which could be done by our Epitome Karyotyping method.


If you are reading this and if you are a couple going through recurrent pregnancy loss or stillbirth, consider this as a message from a well-wisher and definitely do a chromosomal microarray test which is ALTUM from Lilac Insights because we understand how important it is for a couple to get the well-deserved happiness from normal childbirth as a pregnancy loss or a termination can be infelicitously devastating, and can really break all hope of a couple to have a cute little child which they deserve.


Thus coming back to my analogy by comparing our service with the title of this blog cum scientific literature, cases of RPL and stillbirths if tackled using Altum, can be controlled with the help of this latest technology and finally can be completely deleted from an unfortunate couples lives. If your life is in a bit of a hanging state due to any pregnancy issues, you will always have the Lilac Insight task manager by ALTUM CONTROL DELETE.


Not so fun fact: at least 20 percent of the couples who experience miscarriages are more susceptible to end up in a divorce. So apparently if you really love your wife or husband don’t forget to give us a call.

Mayukh Gautam Banerjee
Lilac Insights Pvt. Ltd.


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